PlayBear Feb/Mar 2016 Ft. Michael Cooper Vol 1 Iss 4


In issue 4 of Playbear our chosen BearCake hails from Ft. Lauderdale, FL and was shot by the one and only artist, Chris Lopez.  You will soon see why Michael Cooper was a solid choice for our 4th BearCake.

Also in this issue is, George Unda, who is one of the lovable bears from the web series, “Where the Bears Are”.

This issue is is not short on hot furry guys inside you will find, Brad, Kalvo, Hugh Hunter, Liam Carter, and more.

Dave Underbear answers the question, “But you don’t act gay”

Something new to this issue is “Bare Truths”   Also living well guy,  Darrin Brindle is taking over the “Breaking the Bad Body Image” column.

TumblR and Twitter sensation, Lil Dude, is on tap to answer our questions.

We fan the fire with “Fire”, director, Freddy Rodriguez and star, Miles Windsor.

Great Erotica by Bud Bryan and Johnny M.

First Hollywood crush and so much more.

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